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Fenugreek is an annual plant from the legume family, with white blossoms that bloom in the summer months. It contains saponin and highly nutritional dietary fibers.
Fenugreek has two primary benefits:
According to Indian medicine and popular literature, fenugreek is used to reduce blood sugar levels, and is recommended to be taken after a heavy meal, as well as by people suffering from high blood sugar.
In addition, fenugreek is known to increase breast milk production in nursing mothers, and is recommended to be taken three times a day by nursing women with erratic milk production. Hadas fenugreek contains 380 mg of active ingredient.

In a nutshell – our raw materials from nature:
The cranberry plant grows in a cold climate, such as in Canada. The berries are a deep red and are rich in essential antioxidants and flavonoids.
Medical studies have shown in recent years that the cranberry fruit contains an essential component, a new antioxidant called Proanthocyanidin (PAC). This antioxidant inhibits the adherence of bacteria, especially gram-negative bacteria, to the bladder wall, thus reducing urinary tract infections. A daily intake of cranberries can prevent recurrent infections in the urinary system – UTI.
Hadas cranberry extract has an optimal concentration of 480 mg of active ingredient, and is highly effective and easy to use – one pill per day for prevention.


Floris manufactures some 300 products, many of which are widely recognized and considered as symbols of our house brand. Some of them are labeled as “Floris” products (in pharmaceuticals), and others as “Hadas” products (natural remedies). Floris also manufactures a wide range of private brands as a subcontractor for external commercial companies in Israel and around the world.
A professional marketing division oversees all Floris products, and operates a professional guidance and training line, a medical information division for physicians and pharmacists, and a sales division.
All the products we develop at Floris for our house labels “Hadas-Before Medications” and “Floris-A Speedy Recovery”, are made from medicinal herbs and natural and safe ingredients to complement medical care, and do not interfere with it.
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