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Floris is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical, dietary and cosmetic products, both for the private brand market and as a subcontractor for companies marketing medications, dietary supplements and cosmetics throughout the world.
At Floris we focus on high quality production, flexibility, and a rapid response to the needs of our business customers, enabling them to expand their capabilities. Thus, the company employs an experienced development team and operates a wide range of production lines. All manufacturing processes meet the strictest requirements of international standards such as GMP, ISO 9001; 2008 ISO 22000. The company routinely implements additional international standards suitable to its products, such as: ISO 22716, GMP for cosmetics – ISO 13845.
Floris operates three production units: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and dietary. The pharmaceutical unit includes galenics and disinfectant products. The cosmetics unit manufactures creams and liquids. The dietary unit produces a wide range of products including tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, jellies and chocolates. All of our products are inspected for quality in a single laboratory serving the three production units, in accordance with the strictest requirements of international standards.
Over the years Floris has developed a large number of products, has acquired known brands such as Hadas, and has become the leading contract manufacturer in Israel, primarily in the field of pharmaceuticals: Dexcel Pharma, Dr. Fisher, Super Pharm (Life Professional), and more. The company also has many customers from outside of Israel, among them Urgo, Furring, Teva Hungary, and many more.
Floris was founded in 1986 by two pharmacists who immigrated from France. In 2004, the company partnered with Kibbutz Massuot Yitzhak. The R&D and production centers are located in Israel.
Our specialized, experienced R & D team, modern management, and compliance with strict manufacturing processes – allow us to help our customers around the globe expand and grow their revenue and profits. This is what we strive for daily, and will continue to do so. We are proud that we can help our clients break into new markets and offer new products and solutions of the highest quality.

Floris was founded in 1986 by two pharmacists from the Ben-Shimon family – Rafi Ben-Shimon and Jonathan (Milo) Ben-Shimon, who immigrated from France in the early ’80s.


Initially, the company focused on pharmaceuticals, and continued to develop over the years. In 2004, Floris acquired the brand activities of “Hadas”, “Chizukit”, “Regyon” and other brands familiar in every home, thereby strengthening its activities in the field of dietary supplements in Israel.


The slogan of all Floris products is: “Floris – a speedy recovery”, and among its products are many pharmaceutical treatments such as dermo-cosmetic creams and more.


The slogan of Hadas products is “Hadas – before medications”, and among its product series are nutritional supplements, herbal products, vitamins, women’s products, products for children at all stages of development, and more.


Floris operates three independent production divisions: pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietary, and all products are manufactured at a plant adjacent to the company’s offices in Misgav Industrial Park.
The company is jointly owned by the founding Ben-Shimon family, and Kibbutz Massuot Yitzhak.

Floris develops and manufactures medications and food supplements, vitamins, dermo-cosmetics, herbal products, and more. We are committed to high quality production and cutting-edge technology. The company develops and manufactures private label products for other companies, both in Israel and around the world. In order to meet complex targets and to achieve the highest level of product excellence, Floris maintains compliance with the strictest international standards of quality assurance. To this end, the QA division at Floris is the most advanced in Israel.

The highest quality raw materials used by Floris, the cutting-edge technology and the high level of quality assurance – all these ensure the optimal conditions for production.

During the past three decades, our production lines have developed unique technologies that allow our plant to produce a wide product range in the most modern and advanced manner. The work is carried out in three separate production divisions, each of which operates to best suit its products to consumer needs.

In our pharmaceutical product series – Liquids, ointments, powders, capsules, syrups, vaginal effervescent tablets, suppositories.

In our dietary supplement product series – Tablets (coated and non-coated), caplets, chewable tablets, liquids, powders, capsules, syrups.

In our cosmetic product series – Creams, gels, liquids, ointments


Quality Standards

Floris is committed to the strictest international quality standards, and adheres to all Israeli laws and standards. The company is certified for Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 – which defines the requirements for an efficient quality management system focused on customer satisfaction and legal compliance issues.

Pharmaceutical Division Quality Standards

The division meets all Ministry of Health requirements for proper manufacturing conditions GMP EU PHARMA, in accordance with European Union requirements (PIC/S). Compliance with the (GMP – GOOD MANUFACTURE PRACTICE), requires a high level of quality controls and security, highly trained and qualified quality personnel, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, documentation, control of raw materials, production process control and internal audits.

Dietary Supplement Division Quality Standards

The division meets all Ministry of Health requirements for proper manufacturing conditions GMP FOOD, and is certified for HACCP. Compliance with ISO 22000 is to ensure the safety of dietary supplements by identifying, analyzing, and controlling the risks that may occur at any stage of production, from choice of raw materials, through processing at the production line, to examination of the final product that reaches the consumer.

Cosmetic Division Quality Standards

The division meets all District Pharmacist requirements and is certified for GMP ISO 22716, a unique standard that ensures high levels of production, storage, and shipping conditions.
In addition, the company has recently been certified for ISO 13485 in the field of medical devices.


From the very beginning, Floris has been committed to social involvement in the community. As a company manufacturing products in the field of medicine, designed to improve the standard of living, giving to the community is one of our core values. Floris donates medications on a regular basis to communities in need, to women before and after giving birth, to children’s organizations, to the Israeli Defense Forces, and to boarding facilities.
The company has a tradition of community action and social involvement during the Hanukkah season, the holiday of light. Every Hanukkah, Floris distributes hundreds of thousands of dreidels to children through hospitals and health funds.

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